Episode 13: Gunfegncoly Darkragaam

Robots on Typewriters
Robots on Typewriters
Episode 13: Gunfegncoly Darkragaam

Allison brings a new blog for amusing RNN content to the table this week and reads some neural net generated sound effects! Then, Justin and Allison square off in an AI-generated Pokemon battle with beloved Pokemon like Carnal, the Poison/Fairy type and Chotoby, the Bug/Electric/Ghost type. Who will win?

Check out Dave Lawrence’s blog Aardvark Zythum at http://aardvarkzythum.blogspot.com/.

If you want to test out the Botnik keyboard trained on Pokedex descriptions, here’s the link:

Check out textgenrnn on GitHub to make your own wacky neural network content!

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“Video Challenge” by Anamanaguchi

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