Episode 3: Beets and Cats

Robots on Typewriters
Robots on Typewriters
Episode 3: Beets and Cats

What’s for dinner? You don’t even want to know. Allison and Justin feature the work of one of their favorite sources of computer-generated comedy, Janelle Shane’s blog AI Weirdness. They talk about some bizarre ice cream flavors her neural network generated and then play an only slightly disturbing game of Chopped against Chef Watson to see who comes out on top.

Check out Janelle Shane’s fantastic AI Weirdness work:
Twitter: @JanelleCShane

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“Video Challenge” by Anamanaguchi

1 thought on “Episode 3: Beets and Cats”

  1. Hi Justin and Allison! It’s simon here. (Justin will know lol) I told Justin I was going to sleep but i decided to listen to this. This is brilliant! Keep up the amazing work guys! 🙂 btw, road flavour makes me feel uncomfortable lol. All I can imagine is taking a big bite outta concrete.

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