Episode 8: Coffee, Chocolate, and Octopus

Robots on Typewriters
Robots on Typewriters
Episode 8: Coffee, Chocolate, and Octopus

It’s a round-up on ProcJam 2018! Justin talks about some of his favorite entries from the fantastic procedurally generated game jam that wrapped up last week. Then, Allison uses a couple of them to feed her RPG hunger to lead Justin on a surprisingly interesting and eerie story game.

Check out the ProcJam 2018 entries:
Twitter: @procjam

Games and Tools used in this episode:
“Procgen Tarot” by watabou; “Cell Call” by Token; “Dictionary of Forgotten Meaning” by LaminatedMoth; “You Wake Up in a New Town” by rumpel;”10,000 Imaginary Boys” by Marilyn Roxie

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“Video Challenge” by Anamanaguchi

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