A group of bats can be called a camp.

  We all have stories, messages, and ideas to shout into the abyss. When we choose to make a sound, we always hope it will bounce off of something or someone out there and return to us a little different. When it does, we know we’ve been heard. Not only that, but it helps us understand where we are a little better. The mission of Bat Camp is to serve as a clearing in the woods where we can park and pitch tents, a place to share our work and rest our creations. We come to build fires, share stories we love telling, and make each other laugh. Welcome to our spot in the wilderness where we stand and shout our projects into the night, hoping they reverberate off of people like you.

Want to Park Your Project Here?

If you have an idea or a creative work you’d like to share via Bat Camp, let us know! We would love to talk to you about it. Contact Us