What is Bat Camp?

Bat Camp is an online artists’ collective started by two friends who needed somewhere to host their podcasts. We decided to create a space where our projects and others could pitch tents and build fires together. Our purpose is to provide a landing page for individual projects or a creator’s whole body of work while forming a community around what we make. Have a project? Join us! The art for Bat Camp is done by Leigh Harmer.

What kind of creations live on Bat Camp?

We are open to anything! If you have a piece of creative work and are interested in getting involved, we would be very excited to talk about how we can best showcase it using Bat Camp as a platform. Whether you make videos, visual art, writing, podcasts, or some other medium we haven’t even thought of, it could have a home on Bat Camp.

Meet the Founders

Allison Perrone

In the simplest of terms, Allison likes to describe herself as a storyteller. She’s a writer, a podcaster, a Youtube-video-maker, a lover (in the sense that she has an inclination to fall truly, deeply in love with other people’s work), and a dreamer (in the sense that she has wild dreams at night and wants to sit you down and tell you all about them right now). Ever since the little old homespun podcast network TBNL faded into the ether, she’s been dying to get back in the game and make something new with her friends. Bat Camp is that thing.

Justin Edwards

Justin is not a dad, despite what his comedy styling would make you think. An alum of the extinct TBNL podcast network, he now spends most of his time listening to other people’s podcasts. Justin is a graduate student-to-be in human-computer interaction studies meaning he prefers talking to computers instead of people. Before Bat Camp, Justin did commentary for college sports broadcasts, hosted a sports talk radio show, and contributed to TBNL’s comedy, Harry Potter, and animation podcasts.

Want to Park Your Project Here?

If you have an idea or a creative work you’d like to share via Bat Camp, let us know! We would love to talk to you about it. Contact Us